Hola amigos! First things first… I need to fess up! I started this blog with every intention of making fairly regular contributions. But you know what… life happens! The last time I wrote, I was so engrossed in this new

Morning realisation cat - realises he should get into business

Hola amigos! It’s now been three (yes, THREE!) whole weeks since I moved out to The Reef. Woo and yay! After waking up this morning absolutely hanging (standard Sunday morning), I had a moment of inspiration and decided to pen

The sun setting over Costa Adeje, as seen from my balcony

¡Hola Amigos! As of today I have been living in Tenerife for 10 whole days… woot woot! I figured now would be as good a time as any to take a quick breather and update you on how I’m getting